What is a diffuser and how does a Difflow diffuser work?

Check out our video demonstration to see how our diffusers work.
Check out our installation video on the NSX to see how easy it is!

Will a Difflow diffuser fit on my NSX?

Yes! We carry diffusers that fit on these models:

If you have a 1991-2001 NSX, you have 2 options:

Purchase 1991-2001 style diffuser: Click Here
Purchase 2002+ style valance (recommended) and 2002+ style Difflow diffuser: Click Here

If you have a 2002+ NSX, or updated rear valance this is your option: Click Here

Will the diffuser scrape on the ground and over bumps/hills?

Here are the clearance measurements for our diffusers on stock suspension. (aprox)

1991-2005 Acura NSX

5 Element Original – 4 (aprox) inches off the ground, parallel to the ground. Diffuser sticks out 1.5 inches beyond center rear valance.

*Different suspension, tire pressure and ground surfaces will change the measurements slightly.

Remember that these measurements are taken on OEM suspension. Always proceed to inclines and bumps with caution. If the front of your NSX clears a speedbump or incline, the rear should too.

How difficult is it to install the diffuser?

It’s very simple. Check out our installation video and see how easy it is.

Do you provide instructions and hardware to install the diffuser?

Yes we provide instructions, nuts, screws, weashers and wrench.

Acura NSX Difflow Diffuser Installation Instructions (PDF) (Video)

How long does it take to receive my diffuser after I order it?

If the diffuser is in stock, we usually ship on the same day. 48 hours at the most. If we are out of the diffuser you ordered, then we take aprox 1 week to build and powder the diffuser. Once everything is done, we’ll provide you with a tracking #. We ship FedEx ground, but we can ship faster if needed.

If you have any more questions, please contact us and ask.