What is a diffuser and how does a Difflow diffuser work?

Check out our video demonstration to see how our diffusers work.

Will a Difflow diffuser fit on my Lotus?

Yes! We carry diffusers that fit on these models:

2005 Lotus Elise
2006 Lotus Elise
2007 Lotus Elise
2008 Lotus Elise
2009 Lotus Elise
2010 Lotus Elise
2011 Lotus Elise (WILL NOT FIT) -We have made diffusers for this model. Email us.

2006 Lotus Exige
2007 Lotus Exige S220
2008 Lotus Exige S240
2009 Lotus Exige S240 + S260
2010 Lotus Exige S240 + S260
2011 Lotus Exige Final Editions

2010 Lotus Evora
2011 Lotus Evora (Non-Supercharged Only)
2012 Lotus Evora (Non-Supercharged Only) and IPS
2013 Lotus Evora (Non-Supercharged Only) and IPS
2014 Lotus Evora (Non-Supercharged Only) and IPS

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Our diffusers are a direct OEM replacement – no drilling, cutting or modifying anything on the car. Fits with all aftermarket rear panels and eliminator kids. Works with all aftermarket exhausts.

Do you make diffusers with an exhaust hole cut-out?
If your Elise/Exige has an exhaust that exits underneath your diffuser, then you can order a diffuser from us with a hole cutout. On the order page, you will be asked if you need a cutout or not. Cutouts are big enough for a stage II and Oval tip exhaust. If you want to cover up your exhaust hole cutout, then you can purchase a coverplate here.

What diffuser is right for me?
Every diffuser we offer provides a sufficient reduction in drag and increase in downforce. Styling is up to you. The best diffuser would be a Railer or Railer Jr diffuser, because the fins aren’t curved as much as the original. Curved fins let the air spill out sooner, which is why squared fins perform better.

Will the diffuser scrape on the ground and over bumps/hills?
No. We built them to sit at an appropriate height to avoid scraping. Here are the clearance measurements for our diffusers on stock suspension. (aprox)

Lotus Elise, Exige:
5 Element Rounded – 5 Inches off ground, parallel to surface.
5 Element Railer Jr – 5 Inches off ground, parallel to surface.
5 Element Railer – 4 Inches off ground, parallel to surface.

Lotus Evora
5 Element – It’s not any lower than your OEM diffuser – sticks out 3 inches further in rear.
7 Element – It’s not any lower than your OEM diffuser – sticks out 3 inches further in rear.

Remember that these measurements are taken on OEM suspension. Always proceed to inclines and bumps with caution. If the front of your Elise/Exige/Evora clears an incline or bump, the rear should too. The RAILER is the only diffuser that may scrape.

How difficult is it to install the diffuser?
Simply unbolt your current diffuser. Save the nuts and bolts because you will be using them again to install your new Difflow diffuser. Bolt on your new Difflow diffuser and you’re done. Takes 15 minutes.

Do you provide instructions and hardware to install the diffuser?
Yes we provide instructions. No hardware required. Use your OEM nuts and bolts.

Elise / Exige Diffuser Installation Instructions (PDF) (Video)
Elise / Exige Aero Plate Installation Instructions (Video)
Elise / Exige Exhaust Hole Cover Plate Installation Instructions (PDF)
Evora Diffuser Installation Instructions (PDF) (Video)

Do you provide the rubber edging that was originally on my stock diffuser?
Our diffusers do not come with the same rubber edging that the factory put on your stock diffuser. It interrupts the airflow of the car. Some of our customers use ”door edge guard” or ”door edge trim.” You can buy it at any autoparts store and simply put it on the fins/body of your Difflow diffuser. Here is an example.

How long does it take to receive my diffuser after I order it?
If the diffuser is in stock, we usually ship on the same day. 48 hours at the most. If we are out of the diffuser you ordered, then we take aprox 1 week to build and powder the diffuser. Once everything is done, we’ll provide you with a tracking #. We ship FedEx ground, but we can ship faster if needed.