Diffuser CoverPlate for Lotus Elise & Exige


Weight: <1 lb
Cutting/Drilling Required?: Optional
Compatibilty: 2005-2010 Elise, 2006+ Exige and Cup Car
Description: Have you upgrade to an ”over the diffuser” exhaust? If so, then you should cover up that old exhaust hole cut-out with the Difflow cover plate! Improve the airflow and look of your diffuser with this super light piece. Drill, Rivet or Velcro on to your old diffuser.

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Product Description

• Covers an exhaust cut-out up to 8 inches in width.
• Prevents air from going above your diffuser and causing drag.
• Built from aluminum and powdercoated matte black.
• Weighs .2 lbs
• A coverplate is essential if you have an ‘over-diffuser’ exhaust.

The coverplate covers up your diffuser exhaust hole cutout (OEM or Difflow) and stops air from spilling above the diffuser. When air gets above the diffuser and gets trapped, it ends up causing drag and slowing you down like a parachute. This is a must for anyone with an exhaust that exits above the diffuser. Attaches by using existing bolts and 2 rivets/screws.