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Edward – Newark, DE

"Just mounted my railer 5 element diffuser to my cup car today. It looks great and the fit was perfect. The overall diffuser is much stiffer and more stable when mounted. Ran the diffuser at the track this weekend and really liked it. It seemed to improve high speed stability and made the car feel more hunkered down. It certainly drew a lot of comments." - 07' Exige Cup Car

Alex – Martinez, CA

"Glenn form Difflow was nice enough to make me a custom 5 element railer diffuser. The quality of his work is exceptional, and he was able to build it to my specs exactly as I requested. He also provided excellent customer service with updates. ." - 06' Exige

Max Shaffer, Land Rover of Greenville – Greenville, SC

"Here’s some pictures of the new diffuser and a couple additional. Looks incredible! My technician said it was very simple to install. Well Done! " - 10' Evora

Scott – Los Angeles, CA

"The Difflow diffuser I put on my car was blamed for my excessive wear on my rear tires, due to the increase in downforce it produced. While I haven't driven at a limit yet to experience understeer, it's really good to know that Difflow makes a good product!" - 10' Evora

Gilman – Scottsdale, AZ

"I worried about scraping, but I've had it installed now for about 1500 miles and to date have never bottomed out. It seem like I get less noise from under the car at higher speeds over say 60-70 MPH...Maybe less air turbulance...As far as stability, I have no idea, I bought it cuz I thought it looked AWESOME. Difflow is easy to work with, and very prompt with deliveries." - 09' Elise

John – Ellensburg, WA

"I have an 05 Elise, that is N/A with no front lip or other ground effects, and has the Sport suspension set up. Got home this weekend from a trip to Idaho, and went to work sunday night at around 10:30pm and had the whole thing installed by 11pm. The fit was PERFECT, you could tell there was A LOT of care and detail that went into making the diffuser. The construction is VERY solid, I personally feel the factory diffuser was a little on the weak flimsy side, but the quality is TOP NOTCH!!! I had JUST driven my lotus on a 1000 mile road trip this weekend. We hit everything from cross winds, to sunny weather, to dry heat, etc...and this was before I put the diffuser on. I mention this because this will let you know that I had a VERY good idea of the performance benefits I have felt from the new diffuser, since I just drove the OEM set up the day before. The crosswinds had me ALL over the road (I say this in comparison to what I experieneced today), and the cross winds were about 20 to 30 mph...so they were pretty intense. TODAY, After the installation of the Difflow diffuser was a COMPLETELY different experience. I drove the lotus into work, and trip that I have done many a times before, and the experience was COMPLETELY different. Going to work I had about a 30 to 40 mph wind coming in from the west. This breaks down to a tail wind for the first 30 minutes of the drive and then a nasty crosswind for the last 15 minutes as I follow a river right through the valley. They car handled AMAZINGLY well. I was LITERALLY driving the car with just 3 finger tips and a thumb tip and wasn't even working at it, and I was doing speeds from 60 to 90 mph. When the freeway openned up, and I had the chance, I wanted to see how it felt at faster speeds, and lets just say that at "Spirited" driving speeds the car was ROCK solid. It didn't flinch, sway, or hiccup in anyway. So I must say, that if you have been riding the fence on a Difflow Diffuser, PLEASE don't hesistate. The diffuser where it has great looks is VERY VERY VERY functional, and it does its job SO WELL, it is RIDICULOUS!!!! I also realize that the pictures actually don't do the diffuser justice, because it is not NEARLY as "Agressive" looking as I thought it would be (i.e. HUGE). This is larger than the original stock, and does stick out further than the original stock, but everyone who has seen it, agrees that it looks great. (Even my WIFE said it looked good...and trust me that is a VERY hard compliment to come by). So Seriously, Give Glenn a call/Pm/Email the guy, because you are MISSING OUT if you have been debating. THANK YOU AGAIN GLENN!!!" . - 05' Elise

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